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    Need a Small assistance on JBoss

    Nick Nick Newbie

      Hello All,


      I have 2 Identity managment Server. And using JBoss as load Blancer. And got into small Issue.

      Users open Identity Management through WebPage. Which Jboss load balance.


      However If I make changes and some permission or role in Identity Managment. for that user. That user will get more option to work on. But one Server he can see all option but on another server he still sees the old options.


      Seems like Jboss has cached the webpages for that user. and I am not able to find anyway to configure the cahce settings. It is not reasting the cache also we waited for 3 days thinking that it will reset the cahce but it didnt.


      Can anyone help in finding the option in Jboss to reset the cache without resetarting it. also configure the reset time interval