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    What is the best way to work with sessions and processes while using persistance

    Feki Ahmed Newbie


      Actually, i m a newbie in jbpm so please comment/criticize any wrong thing u think i m doing.


      In order to work on processes with human tasks nodes and use persistance, i had the choice between creating a session for each process or to create a session for many processes in the same time.


      i choosed the first solution as i can free the memory by disposing the session(with ksession.dipose()) before creating another one and reload it with the JPAKnowledgeService.loadStatefulKnowledgeSession(idsession,kbase, config, env);  method when i need it again.


      if i was working with the second solution, i create a session and i start  processes with ksession.startProcess(..) but i don't know how to stop/pause those process instances in order to free memory ( i m working with jbpm 5.0.0) ..


      Another problem happened is that processes in loaded session (in the first solution) seems being not actives (i coudn't get tasks from loaded sessions) and i think maybe becose the session was disposed .. (it was my topic for my previous asked question in here https://community.jboss.org/thread/221356?tstart=0


      i also want to know if there is a way to get the persisted sessions list from database without implementing my own logic to do that , i think jbpm already have this logic.


      cheers !