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    Doc Structure Update

    Keith Babo Master

      Quick heads up that the arrangement of our documentation in Confluence has changed a bit.  There is now a top-level docs page here:




      The top-level page is there to track all versions of the documentation.  You'll notice that there are two doc pages listed there right now:


      SwitchYard : this is the "tip" of our documentation and should be kept up-to-date with all features being worked on in the current release.

      SwitchYard 0.7 : this is the final documentation for our 0.7 release.  It will never be changed, except to correct typos as needed.


      All documentation updates for SwitchYard 0.8 should be made in the "SwitchYard" doc, which is linked from the main page above and is available directly here:



      Once we get to the end of 0.8 and all of our updates have been incorporated into the documentation, I will copy the SwitchYard doc space to SwitchYard 0.8.  At that point, the SwitchYard 0.8 space will be frozen and the SwitchYard doc space will be open to changes for SwitchYard 0.9.


      One important detail here is that we no longer need to retain information in the docs about "it used to be x in 0.6, it was y in 0.7, and now it's z in 0.8".  That's gone.  Just document what's correct for the current release.  Release Notes will be used to advertise important changes between releases.  Overall, I think this will make things easier for us and cleaner for users.