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    Creation of "Ideas" forum

    Oswaldo Dantas Newbie

      Hello all,


      I wanted to do a post about an idea so members of the community could discuss it and even criticize/ help to make it clearer if you want. An idea closer to user needs than specific technical elements basically don't seam to have a proper category in the forums, not only in this but apparently in all other forums that I usually visit and follow discussions.


      After more than 10 years using this technologies, following it's news, forums, blogs and everything that came after, I was impressed to notice that forums around technologies that I see as some of the most innovative in IT industry simply don't have an area for discussing ideas. Are there so little real thinkers that a room for them is not needed? I don't think so, and even the few thinkers should attract thinker wannabes in all it's variations, from humble ones to haters, so I'd expect the forum category to be so alive as the other ones.


      So, I'd like to suggest that an Idea forum category was created. I saw that there is something similar proposed in http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/42176/inventions-and-inventors