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    Logging being intercepted from stdout and being logged at the trace level

    Gavin Tranter Newbie

      Good morning,


      We have an old commandline application that we have "wrapped" and are trying to deploy into AS 7.  Everything works fine except for the logging.


      The applciation has no log4j properties file (it was usual supplied via command line option), the log statements appear to be being logged to stdout, which in turn is being intercepted by AS 7 and written to server.log, additionally for some reason the logging is taking place at the TRACE level rather than DEBUG level (everything else is currently set to DEBUG).


      This is causing something of a performance issue for us and I can find nothing in the AS 7 configuration that, to my eyes suggests the log should being logged at TRACE level, nor that it should be going to stdout.


      When debugging the code I find that the application has been given a jboss logger (org.jboss.logmanager.Logger) which appears to have its level parameter set to ALL.


      Is this some sort of default behaviour for application that are missing their log4j properties, or some sort of default logger that all applications are supplied which they then override if they have a log4j properties file?

      If this is default behavior, is it configurable?