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    Dmitry Mozheyko Novice

      I have JBOSS 3.0.4
      if i use DefaultDS( HypersonicSQL) all work properly

      and want to use CMP2 Beans with FirebirdSQL Database

      I copy firebird-service.xml(from examples) into deploy directory, modify it for using of my firebird server,
      copy firebirdsql.rar -> deploy
      copy firebirdsql.jar -> lib

      starting jboss with no errors !

      in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml i change





      string <datasource-mapping> i have comment

      while my ear deploying jboss print errors:

      FirebirdDS not bound !!!
      and other errors about section of jbosscmp-jdbc.xml

      what steps i must make to correct this problem ?