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    Is there a 7.1.4.Final ?

    Anthony O. Newbie

      In AS7-5595, it is said that the patch was applied to "7.1.4.Final (EAP)".

      As I want that feature, I tried to get that version.

      But it seems it doesn't exist (by looking at the tags or branches).

      The patch I want has the git SHA1 reference "fba5b5cd07ef49c299d9eac1a065fc325dadec4e", but it seems to be available only in master :



      $ git branch --contains fba5b5cd07ef49c299d9eac1a065fc325dadec4e

      * master



      ... any help to get that patch with a 7.1.x version (or even a 7.x version) ? Or is the JIRA ticket wrongly tagged ?

      Thanks !