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    Need help in starting and evaluating the Infinispan

    Shashank Tiwari Newbie

      My use case is

      1.     To start with a Cache Store to sustain 200K records

      2.     Client server situation i.e. the Infispan will run in one JVM and clients will be in another

      3.     REST interface for the cache store

      4.     Query support

      5.     Regular updation of the cahe

      6.     Persistence


      I have to evaluate these points and how fast this can be from the regular JDBC calls.


      Please help me..


      I have made a prototype.

      with following config xml ( also attached )




      I can do the basic put and get from both server and client

      but this is slow

      even puting 10K records is taking about a min time, which is too large.


      With this I am creating


      DefaultCacheManager m = new DefaultCacheManager(configFile);

      Cache<String, Ticket> myCache = m.getCache("SearchableCacheStore");


      with this myCache

      I can get or put the data from both JVMs.