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    number of homes != number of connecthomes  => Error

    Gusti Benawi Newbie



      If the number of host entered in homes  does not equal  the connecthomes, then I will get following exception:


      java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 2, Size: 2

          at java.util.ArrayList.RangeCheck(ArrayList.java:547)

          at java.util.ArrayList.get(ArrayList.java:322)

          at org.jboss.remoting.transport.bisocket.BisocketServerInvoker.start(BisocketServerInvoker.java:285)

          at org.jboss.remoting.transport.Connector.start(Connector.java:344)



      for example:




      homes has 2 parameters: myhost and localhost

      connecthomes has 3 parameters: exthost1, exthost2 and localhost


      It it a bug or feature?


      I need 3 parameters for the connecthomes, since the server has to be reached from those two external hosts and off course from localhost.

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          Ron Sigal Master

          Hi Gusti,


          It's not a bug and I wouldn't call it a feature.  The "homes" parameter determines which addresses and ports a server should bind to.  If there is any address translation going on, then the client has to connect to the public address/port that gets translated to an internal address/port.  So each element in the "connecthomes" list is meant to translate to an address/port in the "homes" list.  I.e., there should be a one-one relationship, matched on position, between the two lists.


          Make sense?