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    jbpm 5.4 start process

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      I use a jbpm 5.4 and I draw the process in web Designer (version 2.5) and save it in Drools-guvnor as 'MyFirstProcess'. This is field 'name'  in properties editor, field 'version' is set to 1. Designer automatically set field 'ID' to <packageName>.<processName>.

      In runtime in my application i can add process to kBase (KnowledgeBase).

      When I start my process with ksession (ksession.startProcess or ksession.createProcessInstance) in parameter i must add a ID of process - the id of the process that should be started.

      All is ok, but when I edit the process and set field version to '2' the ID is the same with previous version. Kbase identified processes throught the ID and version 1 and version 2 is the same version (and when I add two processes to kbase, kbase set last added).



      How can I start specific version of process?

      I must use a simply naming convention for example: myprocessV1 and myprocessV2?



      Additionally Drools-guvnor add version in repository (other field version than designer), I can get all version from repository (for example throught changeset) but how add all to kbase?



      please any tips.


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          Can anyone advise on this?

          does jbpm engine (knowledgebase) support process versioning?

          I know that bpmn2 don't support version attribute on xsd schema, but Designer add this field to process schema (drools:version="...") and drools-guvnor add version in database after each save.

          Can I load to kbase 2 process with the same ID and other version?