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    Node Name with german Character:webdav and rest navigation doesn't work?

    Radouane El Marjani Newbie



      I create a node that the name contains german character like ä or ü", Nodes are successfully created but when I tray through webdav or rest to navigate to the node. I can't open it because these characters are coded in others characters:

      for example using this link for rest : http://localhost:8080/modeshape-rest/orc/orc/items/patients/

      I see lines like this:



      "4_Claudia_Bächer_1988-12-30": {
            "self": "http://localhost:8080/modeshape-rest/orc/orc/items/patients/4_Claudia_Bächer_1988-12-30",
            "up": "http://localhost:8080/modeshape-rest/orc/orc/items/patients",
            "id": "3513269c-dc43-41f5-9792-44c7f2ed754b"

      As you see  instead of "Claudia_Bächer" I see something like "Claudia_Bächer" and cliking in the link of "self" I can't navigate there until I correct the link manually, then it works.

      using webdav I see the node correctly with the name "4_Claudia_Bächer_1988-12-30" but cliking on it, I get the error "Please check the spelling and try again."


      PS: My Browser works correctly with german characters and the name Claudia Bächer is not reel...invented


      Do you have an idea what wrong with the coding, I thought it's UTF-8 supported!