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    Using Object in Designer

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      I am using jBPM5.4.


      I am trying to use the object when creating the process variables in jBPM Designer (in Guvnor).

      Could we use the object in defining the variables. How to create an instance of an object and link the class attributes to the task variables? Also, how can we update the form template to read and write to the object.


      Your help is highly appreciated.


      Best Regards,

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          Sadiroveski S Newbie

          I found a similar thread, but still no olne has reply to it:





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            Hello again,


            I upload a Jar file contains User Class (Pojo), include a default value to the only variable in the User class which is Firstname = "Mike".


            On the process variable, I added a User_info with custom object type and "User" under "Custom_Type".

            On the User Task variables, I created in DataInputSet a variable User_in with Custom type object related to User. Also, I mapped the variable in the assginment between process and task for the object.

            In the task-Form-Template I added ${User_in.getFirstname}

            I go to the console -> run the process -> go to personal task -> select task and click on view and get the below error:


            freemarker.template.TemplateException: Expected hash. User_in evaluated instead to freemarker.template.SimpleScalar on line 230, column 4 in ApplyJob.