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    Can I show my apps'  knowledge session in the jBPM Console?


      Hi.  I am using jBPM 5.4.  I have defined a process in guvnor and have an application that retreives that process from guvnor and creates a knowledge session (pretty straight forward). 


      Now, I want jBPM console to show the processes running in MY knowledge session.  My own application will "drive" the process (start the process, and send signals to it).  I would like to "attach" the console so that I can follow the progress of the process running in my application.


      All of the Console examples I have seen are controlled (started/stopped) from the Console itself.  


      I was hoping the new jBPM Developer Guide would provide some insight, but no luck finding it.  Has anyone done this?  Can anyone suggest a way forward or point me to some examples?


      Thanks very much!


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          In case anyone is trying to do the same thing, I've got this largely going now.  The big piece I was missing is that the console is just using the logs, so as long as I log to the same DB the console is using (with JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger) everything pretty much automagically works.  I use either JBPMHelper.newStatefulKnowledgeSession(kbase) (if I start from my app) or JBPMHelper.loadStatefulKnowledgeSession(kbase, sessionId) if I want to use the knowledge session started from the Console.  Also, I don't dispose of the session of course if I am borowing the Console's.  I read somewhere that you can give the session a business id (and soon do the same from your own code so that they automatically use the same session), but currently I have a kludge that just assume the highest session is the one from the Console (if I want to borrow that one).


          Hope that helps someone.