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    MavenImporter doesn't process war overlays?




      As far as I can tell, the new MavenImporter doesn't process war overlays as part of the Maven 'build' that it does.


      I do something like this:



      WebArchive result = ShrinkWrap.create(MavenImporter.class)






      where the pom.xml (actually its parent pom) has a dependency like this:












      and configures the maven-war-plugin like this:






















      The archive returned by .importBuildOutput doesn't contain any of the contents of the common-web-resources war.


      Does MavenImporter do an actual Maven build behind the scenes?

      - If so, does it avoid certain plugin executions or lifecycle phases?

      - Or, if not, should the 'importBuildOutput' method be renamed to something else?


      Many thanks,