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    Beginner - Differences between GateIn & jboss enterprise portal platform

    sirseto Newbie

      Hi everybody,


      I'm currently making a comparison between differents portals (from liferay to microsoft...), to develop a prototype for an insurance company. I was interesting by eXo, but I just need the portal part. So, I went to GateIn. But, apparently, there is no support for enterprises need (is it exact ?).


      So, I went to JBoss Entreprise Portal Platform. It's exactly the same portal as GateIn, but with the RedHat's support ?

      Other little question, where I can find all the technical specifications (like the Deployment Compatibility, web services supported, standards used, ...) ? I need a lot of informations, but I'm a little bit lost into the large quantity of docs


      Thank you in advance !