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    Key values of resource bundle cannot be resolved

    icedguardian Newbie

      Hi there,


      I am developing JSF 1.2, RichFaces 3.3 with the help of Eclipse Helios and JBoss Tools 3.2.


      I hope this is not a dublicate topic. But I have found nothing in the knowledge base. My problem:


      This is "only" a warning in the Visual Page Editor. I get content finding the "labels"-attribute but this resource bundle seems to be empty. If I enter the label-keys manually and deploying the whole thing on my application server the labels are resolved. Therefore I believe my entry in the faces-config.xml is correct.


      What is my problem? Is it that the labels (which live in Project com.tc.pricing.sc) are not contained in the JSF-project (com.tc.pricing.ui) itself? We had to move the labels from com.tc.pricing.ui to com.tc.pricing.sc. We encountered no problems there.

      Yes, I know I neither use an up to date Eclipse nor the latest JBoss Tools. But due to our company policy I have no possibilty to easily impove that.


      I hope, anybody can help me. Thanks!