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    The best way to save and restore inputs values.

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      for a past few days I'm facing a task which became a really big  problem for me.


      I'm (we're) using in our app rich:dataTable with own filtering and sorting columns. Simple inputs or selects with standard sorting and filtering beans in back end. My problem is that I need to remember somehow this sorting and filtring values for many forms to restore them in some case whens - eg.: user uses a back button (the most important case). I know how to handle browser back button, but I don't know have to save and restore my values in some easy and clear way. The important thing is that I can't use rich:extandedDataTable and I use view scope of beans.

      (One of solutions was to use session scope bean to manage s&f, but make one bean for one form is far to expensive and making one such a bean is quite complicated to use in the way i want to use it.)


      So, my question is: how can I do it?

      I realize it's more about JSF not RF, but I'd be very grateful for any tips!


      I'm using RF 4.3 and Mojarra 2.1.17 (it's not so important I think). Sorry for all spelling mistakes, English is not my native language ;-)



      Edit: Anyone? Any hint?