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    Classloading issue with jar order

    M Muthukumaran Newbie



      This is our environment

      - OS: RHEL 5 on VMWare

      - Jboss EAP 5.1

      - JDK 1.6


      By mistake we had a same class(with same package) bundled in two different jars, and both of this jar are present in our Web apps WEB-INF\classes folder


      - portal-impl.jar (Had the wrong version of the class)

      - ext-web-ext-impl.jar (Had the correct version of the class)


      Until now Jboss was loading the correct version of the class from ext-web-ext-impl.jar and our application was working fine.


      This week our production servers were moved to VMWare 5 (from VMWare 4) and there was no other change to OS, JDK or Jboss version. Suddenly what happened is that Jboss started to load the wrong class from portal-impl.jar and our application start to throw NoSuchMethod exception as the class in portal-impl.jar is very old.


      We can NOT do a deployment in to production to fix this problem, is there any JVM or OS level setting that we can set to get the old behavior back.


      I really appreciate any help on this.