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    What is metricColumn in QueryService ?

    Arun Raj Expert

      Hi Developers,


          I am following this article. In that article, I have been stopped in the following line.


      The one quirky thing about this is the query needs to return a single row of two columns - the first column must have a value of "metricColumn" (literally) and the second column must be a numeric value. To follow the earlier example (tracking the number of users currently logged in), it could be something like:


      SELECT 'metricColumn', count(id) FROM my_application_user WHERE is_logged_in = true


        In that what is mean by metricColumn. If I came to what it means, then i can easily do my scenario.


      My Scenario,


      Table Name : status

      Fields are following





      I have to count invalid loginstatus. So I have mentioned like this.

      SELECT 'loginstatus',count(loginstatus) status WHERE loginstatus='invalid'.

      But it is not working. Please help me to monitor my table.