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    Interceptor ignored when deployed in a module

    Juan Hernández Newbie



      I have several EJB's that need to use the same interceptor class. The EJBs are deployed inside .jar files inside different .ear deployments. the interceptor class itself is deployed in a JBoss module (modules/whatever/main/module.xml, etc), so that it can be shared. The reference to the module is included in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file of the .ear deployments. The classes are loaded correctly, and the EJB's are deployed, but the @Interceptors annotations are silently ignored. Any idea why? It works correctly if I move the interceptor class to the .jar files of the EJB's or to a .jar file inside the lib directory of the .ear files, but I would prefer to have it only in one place.


      Thanks in advance,

      Juan Hernandez