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    Infinispan query - null values in the query results

    Jithendra reddy Newbie



      I have been trying to get the infinispan querying work for my POC. I am using the infinispan 5.1.8.Final for my implementation.


      I have an object called QCInventory.java which is indexed and has @providedId annotation.


      There are some fields in the pojo which are annotated with @Field and all of them are set to no anlyzing. I dont want to be analyzed as my requirement is to match the values as provided in the input.


      I ran some queries by putting 10 QCInventory.java objects in cache with the key as the serviceId ( a field value in QCInventory pojo and is unique for each pojo) and value as the corresponding QCInventory object.


      When the query is serviceId:123485 which should match exactly one pojo, the result size of CacheQuery is 1 but when i try to display that match using .list() method, it gives me a null value.


      Similarly when the query is enterpriseId:24769 ( all the pojos in cache has the same enterpriseId value), the result size is 10, but when i list them using the .list() method, 7 of them are null values and 3 of them are the pojos.


      Need to know why am i getting those null values as part of the .list() method. The QcInventory pojo looks like this.




      public class Qcinventory implements Serializable{






          private static final long serialVersionUID = 146546358216584L;



           @Field(analyze = Analyze.NO) String serviceId;


           @Field(analyze = Analyze.NO) String enterpriseId;



      I am calling the query like this:


                SearchManager sm = Search.getSearchManager(cache);

                QueryBuilder qb = sm.buildQueryBuilderForClass(Qcinventory.class).get();


                  Query q = new QueryParser(Version.LUCENE_35, "serviceId", new StandardAnalyzer(Version.LUCENE_35)).parse("serviceId:123485");

                  CacheQuery cq = sm.getQuery(q, Qcinventory.class);

                  //then  loop through the objects from cq.list()


      Any kind of suggestion or help will be highly appreciated.


      We are evaluating infinispan querying to be used for our inventory searching capabilities. A major decision is pending on the outcome of this POC. So, expecting help as soon as possible.