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    Client reconnection after restart after failover

    Tomasz Lewandowski Newbie

      I use HornetQ version 2.2.14.Final in standalone master-slave configuration. I execute this scenario:


      1. run master node

      2. run slave node

      3. connect client listening for messages

      4. send a message - ok, client received the message

      5. stop master - ok, slave becomes new master

      6. send a message - ok, client received the message (from slave)

      7. stop slave

      8. start master

      9. send a message - bad, client doesn't receive the message

      10. start slave - bad, client still without message

      11. stop master - strage, client received the message!


      My question is: is this a bug or expected behaviour?


      (to execute this scenario I used example configuration jms/non-transaction-failover but disabled automatic server process management and managed them manually)