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    How to replay event when Human Task Service says task is complete but GWT Console Server fail to process it?

    Thomas Setiabudi Expert



      We are using JBPM5.4 with the JBPM5.4 final full installer.


      We have been going through this issue:


      1. We created an application to complete some human tasks in one function, so lets say it completes 20 human tasks (20 different process instances) by calling calling Task Client's completeTask(..) 20 times.
          (We use HornetQ Human Task Service)


      2. All the 20 task will always get completed (double checked the Task status in Database changed to "Completed")


      3. The weird thing is, out of those 20 tasks from 20 different process instances that got completed, usually we got 2 or 3 process instance that does not resume


      My Question are:

      1. Anyone have clue about what may be the cause?

      2. In the event where Human Task Service tell the JBPM Console Server that there is a task completed, and JBPM Console Server fails to get that event, how do we replay this? is it possible? When JBPM says HornetQ Human Task Service, does it mean that HornetQ Messaging used to send message between JBPM Console Server and Human Task Service? if so, can we replay failed messages?


      Any Help is appreciated.

      Thank you



      Thomas Setiabudi