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    What is Globally uncaught exception ??

    udayatom Newbie

      Hello RHQ Developers,



                                                            What is  Globally uncaught exception?? sometimes  "Globally uncaught exception" message showing top on my rhq screen. why it was popup? how to i fix it?

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          jay shaughnessy Expert

          That is an unexpected server exception that somehow was returned to the GUI.  It should not happen unless perhaps your server was taken down while the GUI session was connected.  You can go to the Message Center and investigate the Exception further, and then post more details about the the specific problem.  The message center can be opened by clicking the button in the top right area of the GUI screen.


          Beyond asking about the exception here, you can also report the detailed problem in RHQ Bugzilla.

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            mazz Master

            BTW: in case people haven't noticed, most times when you get these exceptions, in the exception message you will see a number "code" in square brackets (like "[1387686485438]" or something like it). The purpose of this unique code is to match that error with the error in the server.


            You can find the corresponding error in the server logs by just looking for that same "code" number (its actually just a epoch millis timestamp) within the server log. This allows you to match an error you see in the UI with the actual error that happened in the server. Once you match up the server-side error, you can look at the server logs more closely to find out what happened just before it to help debug the issue.

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              Arun Raj Expert

              Hi John Mazzitelli,


                  I am also facing this same issue, But not getting that unique code ("[1387686485438]"). But I am getting like ("[]"). In this case, what can do ?





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                mazz Master

                Then it is probably an error generated directly from inside the UI itself and did not come from the server. In that case, the server side logs are probably not useful since they won't involve the code that was in error. It would involve debugging the UI code.


                Of course, without seeing the actual error message and its stack trace, I can't say whether this is the case for your particular error message, but that sounds like what it normally would be.

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                  udayatom Newbie

                  Thank you john,


                                             Same time i have doubts in following topics. Please help me... And that these are  i already posted  my discussions board. but nobody refered me till now. I hope you. Please guide me. No problem you give replies on free time. you may give the solution in one by one in your time basis. i am  waiting.














                  other  questions are



                     Then how to i am compile our own plugins... and how to import the RHQ  packages in any other IDE. which IDE is best... your suggesion please




                                              Again thankyou john... and thanks to advance....