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    Is it enough to set up Hibernate plugin to get all libraries?

    Elena Veretilo Newbie



      I am very newbie with Hibernate, so I have one small question.

      I installed the hibernate tools to Eclipse Helios by Help - Install New Software and I put the path - http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/stable/helios/.


      I managed to create hibernate configuration and Hibernate code Generation. But have two troubles - first - in the created files there are a lot of error -  couldn't find org.hibernate.SessionFactory. And second - couldn't load hibernate annotatoins while create configuration.


      My question - is it not enough to upload the hibernate tools to get all the hibernate needed libraries?  What should I do to make my web project see the hibernate libraries? Should I point to some hibernate tools lobraries or should I download them and put to the project/WEB-INF/library?


      And also what to do with missing annotations?


      Thanks for help)