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    mysql and plugin

    udayatom Newbie

      Hello RHQDeveolpers,



                                       Now i want to get data from mysql as grid view in RHQ. How to attain it... Help me...Is there is any document and demo give me .... becaz i strucked on more than 1 month.... I need the support to the experts....






      Udaya Kumar

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          mazz Master

          this is the third time this question was posted. please keep with one thread per topic. asking multiple times is poor form.

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            udayatom Newbie

            Thank you  john and sorry too...




                                    Ok... Each and every time for different purpose. pls dont angry to me.. i am kid of RHQ.. please forget and forgive me, friend if am waste the post...I accept, But i am think about that. I feel because i am not understanding the core of RHQ server.. So now i understand the concept. please reply posts my friend, because of we are family of RHQ. thank you for marking my weakness..  I respect the  RHQ community. you guys are in busy schedule at that same time helping to others and give the solution for the problems. I always touch with our community. if any one posts new posts. i saw the every post and i feel these guys are in higher level and some times the questions not to be understand of current state of my knowledge. So i look for you guys as legends. i need your support. We are friends. you have full rights to commenting me(scolding also).