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    ModelJ - open-source EJB/Struts code generator for JBoss 3.x

    Tom Tessier Newbie


      ModelJ is an open-source RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool that uses code generation to create complete J2EE applications using the Struts and EJB frameworks. With ModelJ, one is only a few steps away from a database-driven web site readily deployable to JBoss, the leading open-source J2EE Application Server. ModelJ uses proven design patterns to ensure a robust, easy-to-maintain design.

      ModelJ can also be used as a learning tool for J2EE and JBoss. It outputs EJB 2.x deployment descriptors and session and entity beans, creating business delegates that are accessible via Struts (a Swing-based administration interface is planned). JBoss-QL is used for all database queries.

      The ModelJ generator uses Castor for XML marshalling and Velocity/Texen to perform the actual code generation. The open-source license is GNU/GPL.

      For more information, visit http://modelj.sourceforge.net