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    Problems running Drone + JBoss AS 6

    Alexandre Furuta Newbie

      Hello everybody!


           I'm facing some problems trying to make Drone + JBoss AS 6 work. I'm using this example https://github.com/arquillian/arquillian-examples/tree/master/arquillian-drone-tutorial  as a base, but I'm having no luck.

           Aside from the fact that I have to change the container adapter to JBoss AS 6 in the pom.xml, is there anything that I have to change? What I have realized in my tests is that the browser is launched, but the JSF page is NOT rendered, but if you look for the file itself (example: login.xhtml instead of login.jsf on the browser), the file is deployed. I was thinking about the @Deployment method, do I have to change anything? FYI: my arquillian.xml is blank.


           Thanks in advance!


      public class LoginScreenSeleniumTest {
          private static final String WEBAPP_SRC = "src/main/webapp";
          public static WebArchive createDeployment() {
              return ShrinkWrap.create(WebArchive.class, "login.war")
                  .addClasses(LoginController.class, User.class, Credentials.class)
                 //  .addAsWebResource(new File(WEBAPP_SRC), "login.xhtml")
              //     .addAsWebResource(new File(WEBAPP_SRC), "home.xhtml")
                      "/", Filters.include(".*\\.xhtml$"))
                  .addAsWebInfResource(EmptyAsset.INSTANCE, "beans.xml")
                      new StringAsset("<faces-config version=\"2.0\"/>"),