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    Decision Table fails validation when Model includes classes not imported in the spreadsheet

    Thierry Guerin Newbie

      When a spreadsheet (Decision table) is imported into a Guvnor package containing a Model with several classes with the same name in different packages and that classes are not used in the spreadsheet rules, the package is not validated.

      The error messages are : "Rule Compilation error The import package.class collides with another import statement".


      Example with a model with 2 classes : a.b.c.Car and x.y.z.Car lead to the same problem.


      As described in GUVNOR-1456  marked as "resolved" since the 5.3.0-Beta1 version


      I'm using the 5.5.0-Final version of Guvnor and i still have the same problem as GUVNOR-1456.