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    problem setting a CMR

    mekatoka Newbie

      I have successfully written an application in pramati studio and deployed it on JBoss. The deployment was successful and client-server communication is also happening.

      But the relations are not being set, while the records are being added to the database. I have an Organization EB(entity bean) which has a relation with Departments EB in the cardinality 1->n.

      The way i am adding the relation is with the following constraints

      * an organization EB has to be created first and then only a department EB can be created

      Organization EB record has its fields and an ejb relation called 'depts' which is a collection of the local interfaces of departments EB.

      So first i get the Organization EB , then create a Department EB and add its local interface to the collection 'depts'.

      These creations are done through a SB, so my ejb-jar.xml has
      * ejb_local refs between SB and EB
      * relationships are set right in the xml file

      The Organization and Department EB's are created but the 'depts' collection stays empty.

      What could have gone wrong ?

      Thanks in advance

      Meka Toka