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    How to pass input variable to Reusable SubProcess inside Multiple Instance?

    Thomas Setiabudi Expert



      I have two Processes:

      1. test.SimpleApproval

      2. test.testMultipleInstance


      in test.testMultipleInstance, I have a Multiple Instance Node, inside the Multiple Instance Node, I have a Reusable Sub Process that invoke test.SimpleApproval


      The Problem is I can't pass in input variable to the Reusable sub process.


      the error is


      Could not find variable scope for variable _AC2D2281-2882-4B44-BCED-62D5DBF6C2C4_varMapInput


      where varMap is the name for input variable in Reusable Sub Process..


      what could have gone wrong?


      I attach the process definition and error log



      1. I Use JBPM 5.4 Final fron JBPM5.4 Final Full Installer

      2. I Use the Web Designer that comes with JBPM5.4 Final Full Installer to create the process definition