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    JBPM5.4 Web Designer, Cannot Pass Input Variable for Reusable Sub Process

    Thomas Setiabudi Expert



      previously, I created a forum post about issue in passing process variable to Reusable Sub Process inside Multiple Instance Process



      Then I try to simplify my process to just start - reusable Sub Process - end


      and i got the same error in the log


      Could not find variable scope for variable _E55BD645-C28C-4394-98D6-906EF811F97F_pvData1Input


      What may be the cause?


      Is it an issue with the Web Designer?


      I attach the process definitions and server log here.


      Added screenshot when this process definition opened in both web designer and in eclipse designer, eclipse designer shows that the input mapping is null while it has been mapped in web designer



      1. I Use JBPM 5.4 Final fron JBPM5.4 Final Full Installer

      2. I Use the Web Designer that comes with JBPM5.4 Final Full Installer to create the process definition



      Thomas Setiabudi