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    Should I use Infinispan.??

    Shashank Tiwari Newbie

      I need help in deciding about the cache

      I have 100K of data, all of which is going to change every 20sec or so

      I plan to use hibernate with infinispan as second level cache

      Does it going to help me or give me any advantage..??
      and how should i store data in cache.??


      any help would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED...

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          Sanne Grinovero Master

          It could help, but maybe not. I can not guess, you should measure it.


          having changes every 20 seconds means you can not take a strong advantage out of caching; you could get some (don't know much, depends on your application) but you also will pay a cost for each update to write on Infinispan as well. This is usually a very small cost, but if your advantage is small enough it might be higher.. you have to try.