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    Apache Digester (1.8 and 2.1) very slow with Jboss AS 7. Why ?

    bimalpreetsingh Newbie



      We have an application running on JAVA 1.5 and JBOSS 4.2.3, using Apache Digester 1.8 (jar name commons-digester-1.8.jar).

      As a corporate direction, we have to migrate this application to JAVA 7 and JBOSS AS 7.

      When we tried on the new env, the portion of the code where Digester was used started to execute very slowly (response of DigesterLoader.createDigester() was around 2min, and then digester.parse() taking around 4 min) while normally, it takes 1-2 sec.


      We tried to run that portion of code, independently as a standalone code using main() method with just the JAVA 7 in picture, it worked well under normal response time.


      We tried the same using the newer version of digester (jar name commons-digester-2.1.jar), but the code portion behaved the same way with and without JBOSS AS 7 in picture.


      So, we suspect some issue with diegester vs JBOSS 7.


      As we are losing time, and reaching deadline, URGENT helo is needed.


      PLEASE do not hesitate to ask for more details to resolve this case.