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    Guvnor cannot convert my decision table into web- guided editor

    John Joel Boss Newbie

      Hi All,


      I successfully uploaded the decision table (xls file) to guvnor and my package and jbpm workflow runs well with it, however if I try to convert the uploaded xls file into a web - guided editor in guvnor, it doesnt show the correct output and my package cannot compile as well.


      Attached is the decision table I made.


      Importjava.lang.Boolean, org.drools.runtime.process.WorkflowProcessInstance, java.math.BigDecimal
      NotesThis decision table is for working out some basic prices and pretending actuaries don't exist
      RuleTable Account Rules
      $pr: WorkflowProcessInstance()
      $bd: BigDecimal() from (BigDecimal)$pr.getVariable("ccrisExposure");
      $bd.compareTo(new BigDecimal($1)) >= 0$bd.compareTo(new BigDecimal($1)) <= 0$pr.setVariable("isRisky",$param);System.out.println("$param");
      Base pricing rulesLower ccrisExposure BracketUpper ccrisExposure Bracketprintprint
      Young risky package010000TRUErisky true
      Young risky10001999999FALSE risky false



      Using jBPM 5.4 with drools 5.5.0