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    <rich:popupPanel> does not close on escape key press

    Teena Stanley Newbie

      Hello there,


      I guess I am posting in the right forum.

      I'm using Richfaces 4.0.0.Final. I have to close the <rich:popupPanel> on press of Esc button. I have tried the jQuery hotkey plug in, however that didn't close the popup. Here is how I tried it:


      $(document).bind('keydown', 'Esc', function(){






      I know about the <rich:hotKey>, but unfortunately that is not released part of Richfaces 4.0.0.Final.

      I'm wondering why the <rich:popupPanel> does not contain any of the 'onkey*' functions associated with it. The only functions it supports are 'onmask* '. I am able to close the popup onclick, onmaskclick etc.

      If anybody has a work around for this (other than upgrading Richfaces), please let me know.


      Another question: Is it mandatory to wrap the <rich:popupPanel> with <a4j:form> ( In the jboss.org tutorial, I see the popup is always wrapped.)



      Thank you,