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    how to define a custom (maven-generated from sources) jBPM runtime



      i'm trying to replace the default jBPM runtime that comes with jbpm full installer package with my own (maven-generated) one.

      If i understand it correctly - 'jBPM Runtime' in eclipse jbpm-enabled project is nothing more than a way to gather all the necessary jar dependencies (drools + jbpm + knowledge api) in one place - am I right? Or is there something more to it?

      The default jBPM runtime points to ./runtime folder holding the jars i mentioned above.

      I managed to build these same jar packages using maven (mvn-all.sh clean install -DskipTests) but the resulting jars are scattered around my local maven repository (each jar in a proper groupId/artifactId/version directory subtree) so it's hard to define a single 'root' folder holding them altogether (.m2/repository perhaps?)

      I removed the default jBPM library that has been added as Eclipse build path dependency by the Eclipse jBPM plugin, mavenized my demo project and added these same (compile-scoped) maven dependencies to a newly created pom.xml.

      My demo project compiles all right but since i wasn't able to remove jBPM runtime from my demo projects properties, I fear that eclipse launcher will use the jar files from jBPM runtime  directory instead.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance



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          i managed to replace the default jBPM Runtime (pointing to ./runtime directory of jbpm full installer) with my own custom one pointing to an empty dummy folder and everything works fine - as long as all the necessary dependencies are present at the java build path.

          Seems like a work-around rather than a recommended solution - but it works.

          Still - i lack deeper insight and would very much appreciate any words of wisdom on 'jbpm runtimes'