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    Defining deployment dependency b/w EAR and deployement ordering

    bunty lava Newbie



      I am using jbossAS 5.1 and I have 2 EAR's to be deployed, in which EAR2 uses ejbs exposed by EAR1 but they are not tightly coupled as EAR2 is made to work without the EAR1 by handling EJB service exception in EAR2's EJB clients. 


      I want to define a dependency b/w the EAR's as


      1)If EAR1 is available then deploy EAR2 after EAR1 is deployed.

      2)If EAR1 is not available the just deploy EAR2.


      Please let me know how this can be done using jboss deployment descriptor xml's


      Thanks & Regards

      LAVA K L