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    DistributedCacheManager (web sessions cache) - does it handle invalidations properly?

    drh01 Newbie

      It appears to me that the DistributedCacheManager isn't setup to properly handle invalidations -- it has event handlers for cache entry modifications and removals, but not invalidations.  How would this work if for example, you had multiple app servers in a cluster, and configured the web cache of each to be an invalidation cache, backed by a shared remote store:


                  <cache-container name="web" aliases="standard-session-cache" default-cache="remote">

                      <transport lock-timeout="60000"/>

                      <invalidation-cache name="remote" mode="SYNC" batching="true">

                              <remote-store passivation="false" purge="false" shared="true">

                                      <remote-server outbound-socket-binding="outbound-web-cache"/>






      The invalidation messages would be received, but JBoss' session manager would use the session it has in memory because it hasn't been marked as outdated and needing to update remotely.


      It seems like the modified(...) method of DistributedCacheManager should also have the invalidation event handler -- is my thinking off here?