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    How to read a process definition in jbpm 5.4?

    Feki Ahmed Newbie



      In the documentation there is a paragraph about how to create a process programmatically using the Fluent Process API and then pass it into the KnowledgeBuilder as parameter in order to the session to start a process instance for it...


      What i want is the opposite operation : reading a process definition programmatically node by node, whether to read it directly from the ".bpmn" file by indicating it s path or to get it from the jbpm/droos object that contains its instance (i dont know neither which is that object (the ksession ? the processInstance ?)  nor what should i exactly get from that object :is it a RuleFlowProcess ? a WorkflowProcess ?


      i was about to read a process definition .bpmn file using xml parsing  and extract all informations i want which is not the appropriate way to do that.


      Please , i need any example or even some advices for this issue. Thanks.