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    Deploy only a part of ear

    Nicolas Nicolas Newbie

      Hello everybody,



      I am new in this forum and in JBoss7 too.

      Indeed, recently I had to migrate my company application server from JBoss5 to JBoss7.

      It was not easy but now the application runs now!



      During the migration, we decided to package all our application jars and wars in an unique ear. It works too, but others programmers are unhappy because.

      Indeed, before, during the development phase, when they just want to update a JSP page, for example, they could modify it, generate the war and deploy it without restarting their own JBoss5 and without deploying all others jars and wars.

      Now, with the ear, they have to generate the new war, the ear and deploy all the application (without restarting JBoss7 of course ;)).



      I tried to used an ear repository and to change its content but JBoss7 needs to be restarted to consider the modifications.



      Anyone has an idea of the process I can use or it's definitely impossible?