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    Using @RunAs annotation on JBoss AS 7.2

    ajcmartins Newbie

      Hello we have been using security annotations like @RunAs("private") on our service layer together with @RolesAllowed("private") on DAOs to ensure that only those services were allowed to invoke the respective DAOs.

      Meanwhile we migrated to JBoss AS 7.2 ( currently pre-release) and we are no longer able to use use the services that are annotated with @RunAs("private").


      ERROR [org.jboss.as.ejb3.invocation] (pool-3-thread-1) JBAS014134: EJB Invocation failed on component TestServiceBean for method public void com.present.TestServiceBean.testMethod(): javax.ejb.EJBAccessException: JBAS014502: Invocation on m
      od: public void com.present.TestServiceBean.testMethod() of bean: TestServiceBean is not allowed


      Any hint on what has changed since 7.1.1 Final and on how can we fix it?