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    RF4.3.0 is this a bug for rich:calendar using a pattern date/time?

    Edilmar Alves Expert

      When I use the calendar, I would like to set time for 00:00:00 when I select some date. However, it always shows me 12:00:00.

      I tried to use the property resetTimeOnDateSelect="true" but it didn't work.


      Here is my component:


      <rich:calendar id="dataAtrCarreta" value="#{veiculoComp.dataConsultaKm}"

            zindex="1000" inputSize="15" resetTimeOnDateSelect="true"

            datePattern="dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss" enableManualInput="true" showWeeksBar="false"

            cellWidth="30px" cellHeight="30px"




      I tried with resetTimeOnDateSelect=true/false and defaultTime=true/false.


      This is the component before first selection:



      And after first selection: