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    RF(3.3.3) ajaxKeys in custom ExtendedDataTableModel, column reRender problem (please help)

    Edward Mamedov Newbie

      Hello, all!


      I have a problem. I need to reRender selected row when user clicks button, but my ExtendedDataTableModel are custom and have method getRowKey() that return Strings, not Integers. I read that ajaxKeys needs set of Integers (not strings)


      I already tried use ajaxKeys without custom table model, and it works fine! When row selected I receive ordinal number, set it to collection and returns it to ajaxKeys. All works!!!


      But now in my custom ExtendedDataTableModel (used in my project) "rowKeyVar" returns strings that represents some internal state.  So I don't know now how to reRender selected rows in extended table.