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    contextMenu targetSelector

    Srikanth Reddy Newbie


      Can any on please give me an example for contextMenu which uses targetSelector attribute, I am hoping that the generated context menu can be used for multiple components.


      My Requirment is to associate a context menu to the header of Dynamic Accordion.

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          Juraj Húska Master

          Hey Srikanth,


          you need to provide JQuery selector as a value of the targetSelector attribute.


          So if you have for example.


          <div class="foo">Bar</div>

          <div class="foo">Another content</div>

          <div>Yet another content</div>


          then to attach context menu to the first two divs you need to just provide 'div.foo'.


          Is that what have you been asking for ? Or you are requesting more complex example, lets say the one which would work with dynamic accordion ?

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            Srikanth Reddy Newbie

            Hi Juraj,

            Can you please show me how can we set the JQuerySelector in this senario with this example.


            I have a dynamic Accordion like this.


            <rich:accordion id="accCTN" switchType="client"
            <c:forEach id="ctnRepeatL"
            items="#{ctnGrpMgmtController.ctnGroups}" var="groupName">
              <rich:accordionItem switchType="client" name="#{groupName}"
              headerStyle="height: 10px">
               <f:facet name="header">
                 <h:outputText value="#{groupName}" styleClass="menuable">


            Now I want to associate a context menu on the headers of each of the accortionItems so I used a facet with header and associated a style cla


            ss(menuable). And for that style class I am trying to target it to the context menu like this.


            <rich:contextMenu id="ctnGrpCtxmenu" targetSelector="menuable"
            <rich:menuItem label="Manage Permissions" 
              id="manPerCtxMnuItm" />
            <rich:menuItem label="Add CTN" 
              id="addCtnCtxMnuItm" />



            But its not working. I am not aware of how to use the targetSelector attribute to bind with JQuery selector can you please help me resolving this.

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              Juraj Húska Master

              I believe that you need to provide this value of targetSelector: ".menuable" as it uses JQyery selectors.


              See for example this for quick overview:



              Or complete reference to JQuery selectors:



              Does it work ?