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    Data corrupted when entitybean update data (oracle 9.2driver

    Colin Li Newbie

      When we tried to update data(String -->VARCHAR2) by using entity beans through oracle9.2.0.1 driver connected oracle8i database, we met data corrupt problem. E.g.:
      We tried to update a string to a new string: 1111111, we got:@1111 ( HEX: 0C 17 40 31 31 31 31 ). I wrote a small standalone application to test it outside jboss and it worked fine. Oracle 8i driver works ok either. I also found jboss(3.0.4) used UTF-8 characters and guess oracle9.2.0.1 driver might use UTF-16 characters.(I don't kown. Just a guess...). If so, is it a cause of the problem? Anyway to switch JBOSS to UTF-16 characters? Any ideas are really appreciated!

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          Colin Li Newbie

          Opps: missing the first char in the corrupted data string.
          ( Textpad can't display it. )

          actually, it's:

          111111 ----- >@1111

          I also find it's allways the first three characters in a string are corrupted. Updating DATE type data through jboss by using oracle driver is ok.



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            Colin Li Newbie

            Curious. The first char still can't be pasted in the post.
            It just can't be displayed. it is 0C in hex.

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              Michael Ward Newbie

              were you able to find a resolution to your issue? We have experienced a similiar problem. This problem appears to be an Oracle bug, not a JBoss issue. We have a quick fix, but I'm not to happy with it.

              We have been able to recreate the issue simply by the order of the parameters in a SQL UPDATE statement. For example if the last parameter is of type TIMESTAMP, the column value preceeding the TIMESTAMP will be corrupted. Example:


              So in order to resolve the issue, reorder the SQL statement (TIMESTAMP not last parameter). In the case of a CMP entity bean, change the order <cmp-field> nodes in the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file.

              - We have been able to recreate this issue with any driver after Oracle 9.0.1
              - the example provided is a brief example, I can post a detailed example if requested.

              Does anyone have any more details or a solution to this problem?