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    jboss-as-maven-plugin configuring jaas realm

    Bruno Feki Newbie

      Hi folks,


      I am trying to configure my maven project with the jboss-as-maven-plugin.

      I have already sucessfully configured a datasource MySqlDS with  the plugin:


      However, when I have tried to configure a security domain (@see configuration below), I have got a deployment error in jboss.

                      <!-- Add a Security domain-->
















                                              <address>authentication=[{"code"=>"Database","flag"=>"required","module-options"=>[("dsJndiName"=>"java:jboss/datasources/MySqlDS"),("principalsQuery"=>"select password from app_users where ACTIVE=1 AND EMAIL=?"),("rolesQuery"=>"select group_name, 'Roles' from app_users where EMAIL = ?")]}]</address>











      I am wondering what is wrong in my configuration, but I have not figured out.


      Please can you be of any help ?


      Thanks a lot in advance.