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    named cache with hot rod

    tabris Newbie



      Is there any limitation on the number of named cached supported (using hot rod client/ server)? I am going to build a system with 10k entries (key using String), and each entries may have 10 properties (the properties are mostly double type).


      So in this case, should I create

      - 10 named caches, each correspond to a property (i.e. BasicCache<String, Double>); e.g. to access property size it is cache.get("size"); OR

      - 1 single large map (i.e. BasicCache<String, Map<String, Double>>) where the map is keyed on each entry and the corresponding value is a map containing all 10 properties. e.g. i can access the property "size" on entry "ENTRY_1" using cache.get("ENTRY_1").get("size")


      Which one is preferable? Personally I feel 10 named caches is more flexible but not sure how well the system can support in this case.