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    Historical queries in Jbpm5

    mayank sahai Newbie

      Hi All,


      i am evaluating jbpm5 for our project purpose. i am building a test workflow solution that involves "processInstance per process definition" approach. for each new ProcessInstance , a Pojo model is stored as process variable and persistence is enabled . deployment mechanism is "web-application" deployed in tomcat.


      There is an admin page , where i want to provide a search functionality based on attributes of  "Pojo model" stored as process variable. for example "Job Pojo" stored as process variable has tow attributes "creation date" and "finished date" , and "status (current state it is in)" and  i want to perform a query:


      "get all process instances with creationDate > 'date1' and  finishedDate' <  'date2' and  status == "confirmEmployee (which is aprocess defn task node)" .


      admin can perform any search query based on attributes of  "process varaible pojo".


      how to achieve this in Jbpm5 ?.




      Mayank Sahai