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    BAM sub-project rename

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      Following the recent acquisition of Polymita, there are now currently two projects within RedHat that are called BAM (or Business Activity Monitoring). To add to the potential confusion, in the near future it is likely that the Overlord BAM project would distribute Polymita's BAM/reporting capability to provide users with access to historic information.


      Although these two projects are actually complementary, with Overlord BAM dealing with realtime analysis/presentation of actvitiy events, and Polymita dealing with history queries/reports against a database, it is better that we resolve the potential confusion that these two BAM projects may create now, rather than later.


      We considered using a slight variation, Business Activity Management, which implies more active management (e.g. policy enforcement) - however as this shares the same acronym it would still cause confusion.


      When we reviewed what Overlord BAM actually did, it provides infrastructure for 'real time governance', which can be used to support Business Activity Monitoring/Management. Therefore it seems sensible to name the project after its more general scope.


      The new name for the sub-project will be RTGov, with the complementary design time governance sub-project being called DTGov. The change of names will be applied this week, including the rename of the associated GitHub repositories.